The Minister of defence of NATO countries will discuss measures against Russia

the defense Ministers of NATO countries on 17-18 June will hold a teleconference on which will discuss possible response measures related to the strengthening of the military potential of the Russian Federation.

Also at the meeting will be considered a comprehensive plan of action in case the second wave of the pandemic coronavirus. In addition, the Ministers will discuss the activities of the missions in Iraq and Afghanistan, the press service of the organization.

As the Secretary General of the Alliance Jens Stoltenberg, the new plan to combat coronavirus involves the creation of a stockpile of necessary equipment and the trust Fund for the purchase of strategic goods. According to Stoltenberg, this plan should enable the allies “respond more quickly to any public health crisis”.

He also said that the Ministers will discuss measures to be taken “in connection with the growing Arsenal of Russian missiles capable of carrying nuclear warheads”. According to NATO Secretary General, among such measures could include strengthening air and missile defense, NATO, military exercises and intelligence gathering. While Stoltenberg said that the deployment of new nuclear land-based missiles in Europe is not planned.

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