The Minister told about the plans of vaccination against coronavirus

Vaccination physicians from the coronavirus could begin in August. As reported “Interfax”, the head of the Ministry of health Michael Murashko.

“We plan that it will develop this year, and in August will be invited (to be vaccinated against coronavirus — approx. “Rosbalt”), we now look, for some categories is, of course, primarily medical professionals and those who are faced most often with sick people, so the risk category will be offered the vaccine”, he said.

Murashko did not specify when it is assumed mass vaccination of the population.

According to him, in parallel it is planned to conduct the third phase clinical trials. “<...> today and experts expect that it will be 800 for each form of release, and these patients in the outpatient phases will get vaccinated,” said ant.

“Oh, and in parallel will start scaling production, and most at risk groups will also be asked voluntarily to be vaccinated, and the results of all of this we get large-scale production and large-scale application”, he added.

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