The Ministry of communications has developed a system to track contacts of people infected with coronavirus

The communications Ministry has developed regulations for contact tracing of infected COVID-19 based on geolocation data and mobile operators. The document published on the portal of projects of normative legal acts. The bill provides that the basis to take the data of the Ministry of health regarding the number of the infected phone. Then, special algorithms will be a list of people who were in the same place as the patient, and the past two weeks were with him were in constant contact by mobile phone. “In respect of these individuals is hour analysis of the location of their subscribers’ devices. In case of violation of established boundaries, are recorded the time and coordinates of the location of the subscriber whenever the violation, duration of violation, the maximum distance from the place of quarantine, the rate of compliance with quarantine requirements. This information is transmitted to the operational headquarters of the constituent entities of the Russian Federation, Resguardo and Ministry of internal Affairs of Russia” — follows from the document.

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