The Ministry of construction will leave a basement of cats

the Ministry will not close the cellars of houses. Will be open at least one window (produh) to stray cats could “enjoy” basement. The wording of the disputed decision will develop a joint working group of the Ministry of construction and the state Duma Committee on ecology and environmental protection

As the head of the Committee Vladimir burmatov, the issue was discussed with representatives of the Ministry of construction, in the end it was decided that the “score” cellars tight will not. According to Burmatova, the resolution will be spelled out the obligation to leave open at least one window in the basement that will allow the cats to get in there in the winter and contribute to “natural deratization”.

As reported “Interfax”, the head of the Department of construction Ministry of RF for development of housing and communal services Svetlana Nikonova has confirmed the readiness of the Ministry to participate in the adjustment of the decree within the framework of the working group on the platform of the state Duma.

earlier, the Ministry of construction has issued a draft government resolution “On approval of rules of management of apartment houses and maintenance of the common property of owners of premises in apartment buildings”, involves the installation of “nets that protect the building from penetration of rodents”, to all the basement openings of houses. In the state Duma then again asked the Ministry not to close the basements of residential homes for cats.

Animal rights activists repeatedly called for a ban to shut out the cats in the basement because it leads to death of animals that are trapped in the basement or, conversely, can’t get in there in the winter or to escape from any danger.

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