The Ministry of health announced the resumption of the examination

In Russia, resumed the examination is stopped earlier due to the pandemic coronavirus. As explained by the head of the Ministry of health Michael Murashko, the examination will be returned to the regions with a quiet epidemiological situation. The order is already signed.

Murashko reminded that the pass programme was temporarily halted because of the situation with coronavirus. But now the program is resumed. “We believe that this is paramount for each patient. And health workers should provide that care,” said Murashko, the TV channel “Russia 24”.

According to him, the first to come to the clinic for a medical examination can patients with chronic diseases. The medical facilities must share flow of patients to minimize the risk of infection by coronavirus. Including should be a separate “flow” for those who have a suspected infection. Patients, in turn, should observe safety measures: wear mask and gloves, to comply with the clinic social distance, said the Minister.

earlier, the Ministry of health approved temporary methodical recommendations on organization of medical preventive examinations and check UPS to keep the risk of spread of coronavirus infection. According to the document, the regions can resume routine inspections and prophylactic medical examination for certain groups only after switched to second or third stage of lifting the restrictive measures imposed because of the pandemic. Active citizens in the age 65 and older, persons from risk groups with chronic disease may be carried out only after the lifting of restrictions on the decision of the Supreme officials of constituent entities of the Russian Federation.

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