The Ministry of health of Abkhazia became alarmed because of the Russian tourists

the Ministry of health of Abkhazia concerned about the possible increase in the number of infections with coronavirus after the opening of the border with Russia, the press service of the Ministry on the social network Facebook.

According to the press service, commented on the situation Deputy Minister, alas Kondzhariya. He stressed that the outbreak of coronavirus have been registered in the Republic before the opening of the borders. A growing number of local residents who require hospitalization. In this regard, the country can be difficult due to the influx of tourists.

“We just “choke” and not be able to provide assistance neither our people, nor anyone else,” — said Kajaria, adding that the rapid opening of borders became a “surprise” and was conducted without adequate preparation.

In turn, the member oberstab Abkhazia against COVID-19 alas Jinjolia expressed the view that the border with Russia need to impose restrictions.

Recall that the border between Russia and Abkhazia was opened on 1 August. For the first day the border was crossed by about 7.5 thousand people.