The Ministry of health of the Russian Federation suggested that re-infection COVID-19 may be associated with features of immune system

Re-infection with coronavirus is rare and may be associated with features of the immune system. As reported by RIA “Novosti”, said the Ministry of health of the Russian Federation. The Agency added that the vaccine COVID-19 are designed to generate persistent long-lasting immunity, so it is expected that they will effectively protect from virus infection. Earlier, the Governor of Vladimir region Mr Sipiagin said in the region of the physician re-contracted the coronavirus. Meanwhile, according to local TV channel “Zebra TV”, press-service of administration of Vladimir region, said the statement of Vladimir Sipyagin: “it is Reported that the health worker Vladimir region, mentioned by the head of the region, and whose name we can’t name to preserve his / her personal data, in the first case had pneumonia with a negative test result for coronavirus, and in the second case the test result for novel coronavirus infection was positive”. We add that while there is no officially confirmed data on the systemic problem of re-infection with coronavirus. At the same time, while it is impossible to argue that re-infection is impossible, since coronavirus is not fully understood.

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