The Ministry of transport of Russia: Crossing the border are advised to wear masks and gloves

the transport Ministry has made recommendations for ensuring the safe operation of checkpoints across the state border of Russia in the conditions of coronavirus. This was reported on the website of the Department.

the document says that employees of the state control authorities operating at border crossing points across the border and leaving Russia or entering into it people need to wear gloves and protective respiratory masks.

all of the above individuals should also measure the body temperature.

in addition, the Ministry of transport recommends, among other things, to place in waiting rooms and toilets at the entrances to checkpoints and exit from them containers with antiseptics to disinfect hands.

Recommendation applies to road, pedestrian and intermodal crossings through the border and border crossing points, working at airports and rail, sea, river and lake points.

Earlier, Prime Minister of the Russian Federation Mikhail Mishustin announced that citizens were allowed to travel abroad to work, study, treatment, and care of relatives. In addition, the entrance and crossing the Russian border will be allowed and foreign nationals who planned to be treated in hospitals.

Russia stopped its regular and Charter flights from other countries in March to prevent the spread of coronavirus. Russian citizens are trafficked from abroad individual flights.

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