the court of Arbitration of St. Petersburg and Leningrad region has passed the next session under the claim of “Miratorg” to the publication The Moscow Post, which published an investigation on the situation in the meat of the Corporation. Side 3 Jun argued about the importance of linguistic expertise, the correspondent “of Rosbalt”.

a petition was filed by the plaintiffs. In their opinion, no scholar in the matter can not do, because only he will give quality rating to the journalists. The judge questioned whether a study “in all three phrases.” “You cannot decide (with the position — “Rosbalt”), just leave that up to the discretion of the examiner?” insisted the judge.

the debate continued throughout the session. Media representatives said that they consider the appeal to the philologist unnecessary as to determine whether the defamatory information or the lack of publications may the court itself. Especially in interrogative sentences from the article, the lawyer added.

the Parties failed to reach agreement. The judge announced a break until 10 June to make a decision about the appropriateness of the examination.

Meanwhile, a lawyer from the media praised the actions of the plaintiffs. “It is rather difficult to understand what they are guided, submitting these claims. It is clear to us that no damaging information our publication has not spread,” — said Alexander Changli.

Chief of The Moscow Post editor Alexei Kozlov also commented on the ongoing litigation. “What “agribusiness” is doing in relation to our publication, reminds me of a moral terror. I think this is an attempt to put pressure on the media. It is strange to file a lawsuit in our publication, if we wrote about “agribusiness” as a company established offshore firms. They try to call white black. Simply lift extracts from EGRUL and make sure that we are right. But the fact that “offshore allow not onlyabout to hide their partners, but also to withdraw money from Russia,” so it’s true, this was said even President Putin,” — said Kozlov.

we will Remind, dispute between “Miratorg” and The Moscow Post broke because of three publications edition in 2019. Reporters were told that, as a holding company to have received about a million hectares of land, which allegedly made him the largest owner of agricultural land in the country. Also, the media expressed fears that the order of the company in place of the battle of Kursk appears pig. Later the site was mentioned conflict “Miratorg” with competitors about copyright.

In response, the Corporation appealed to the court and demanded to remove the post to refute the information and to compensate for the harm. In The Moscow Post considered the claim of holding an affront to freedom of speech and an attempt to hide from the public the financial and economic activities of the company.

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