Alceste is a guinea pig: he suffers in order to demonstrate the uncompromising ends up alone. All day, he says what he thinks. To rimeurs lovers that he mortifie the self-esteem literature, to the magistrates of whom it offends the dignity, to the beautiful Célimène in which he is in love but he thwarts the desire to please him, and to his friends in which he discourages sympathy.

Several interpretations of the character are possible. Poetic: Alceste is a child who refuses to stop believing in father Christmas. Moral: Alceste is a hero of the sincerity that tears apart the veil of hypocrisy. Psychological: Alceste is a masochist who likes to suffer, be abandoned by those he has offended. Narcissistic: Alceste is autoérotique and, fâchant with all the world, he is preparing the wedding, celebrated in the desert by himself with himself. Alceste breeze net all conversations. He invented the non-modern communication, this frying standing on the line, this machine who does not stop talking all the while …

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