She smiled imperceptibly, like the mona lisa. She has the arms of a tennis player, a chest naked and squinting because of bad old restorations. Kept at the Condé Museum, this drawing of a mysterious beauty androgynous fascinated for centuries. It has passed a battery of analyses in the Center for research and restoration of Museums of France, laboratory, shielded, located under the Louvre.

In Chantilly, the results are displayed, as well as other portraits, anterior and posterior. They recount the origin of the mode neoplatonist of the young woman allégorisée, both sensual and virtuous, and the fortune of the theme through many copies and variations.

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Leonardo da Vinci is the author of this image? Has he made a table? Is it not rather a variation of the Mona Lisa from the Louvre by a student or a follower? “How to even interpret this work and how should we name it?” added the commissioners Mathieu Deldicque, heritage curator at the musée Condé, Vincent Delieuvin, head of the Italian paintings of the Sixteenth century at the Louvre, and Guillaume Kazerouni in charge of the old collections of the museum of Rennes. The investigation continues. In addition, the cabinet of graphic arts castle exhibits 40 extraordinary portraits of the women of the court of the Valois drawn by Jean and François Clouet, and workshops.

“mona lisa naked”, until October 6, the domain of Chantilly (60).
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