The death of Leonardo da Vinci may 2, 1519 at the Clos Lucé is the symbol time of the 500th anniversary of the Renaissance, celebrated in the cities and the castles of the Loire in the year 2019. In the framework of this great artistic event, which will run throughout the year 2019, Blois has decided to pay tribute to the genius of the great tuscan master in decorating the smile of The mona lisa the grand escalier Denis Papin, dedicated to the inventor of the steam engine, was born August 22, 1647 at Chitenay in the Blésois.

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The tradition dates back to 2013: Blois has a habit of magnifying the monumental staircase Denis-Papin (120 steps and 3 levels) with visual artistic giants. It was necessary for the fifth centenary of the Renaissance as the city pays homage to the divine Leonardo, who took with him in France, his Mona Lisa, his ultimate work, whose enigmatic smile continues over the centuries to charm and to intrigue fans and critics around the world.

“mona lisa,” giant of the City of Blois Blois – Nicolas Wietrich A staging léonardesque

This beautiful idea of decorating the grand staircase of Blois is becoming more and more important each year. In October 2013, a first experiment had been already conducted with the “H” to Go to Story on two levels of the Denis-Papin. In November 2018, a drawing of Boule et Bill , specially designed by Verron announced the festival BD BOUM.

today, it is Arnaud Dalaine, director, the House of magic Robert-Houdin, who has brought his creativity and expertise on the optical effect that seems to emerge in The mona lisa of a wall where the bricks would have collapsed. It took five days to ask meticulously 210 m2 of adhesive strips that cover the 121 stairs of the stairs. The beautiful florentine Lisa Gherardini, wife of Francesco del Giocondo, who is believed to have commissioned the portrait from Leonardo, still smiling at…

Mona Lisa on the stairs Denis Papin of the city of Blois