The monastery in which fugitive ex -

In Sredneuralskaya convent, founded came under the ecclesiastical court by shehurina Sergiy (Romanov) could beat the children. Whether minors were flogged, check the Yekaterinburg diocese, informs

According to the journalists, the incidents of violence refer to 2009-2010. On the “unacceptable methods of education” complained former pupils of the convent, representatives of the Russian Orthodox Church.

“Employees of the diocese of thoroughly examining the testimonies of young people, including the reasons why these charges were not made public earlier,” — said in a statement.

exactly How many pupils were affected, is not specified. Does the inspection of the police, there is no information.

Abbot Sergius fell into disgrace after he cursed, closing Orthodox churches because of the pandemic coronavirus. He was separated from service and, according to some, “locked” in the monastery. On the ecclesiastical court father Sergius was not, at the same time claim it is, and the secular authorities — the police found extremist statements in the sermons of the monk.

the Abbot was also considered the spiritual father of a state Duma Deputy and former Prosecutor of the Crimea Natalia Polonskaya.

At the weekend Sredneuralskaya convent was in the center of the scandal due to the fact that its territory is roughly drove the crew of Ksenia Sobchak. The journalist arrived to the Urals, to make a film about chiyoumen, but got into a brawl. According to the presenter, strong supporters of Sergius broke her operator’s hand and removed from the camera footage.

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