to Dissect the beauty, dissect the living, to dissect the invisible, and this is the curiosity, of the forbidden, of the monstrous, of the fascinating. Inevitably, the exhibition “Cabinets of curiosities” could not make the impasse on the Conservatory of anatomy of the faculty of medicine of the university of Montpellier. This fund, together with that of the faculty of medicine of Paris-V Descartes, is a collection of approximately 13,000 parts classified as historical monuments. Caroline Ducourau, its director of scientific culture and historical heritage, recalls how was this discipline that, of sacrilege, became educational. Since The Flayed Angel on the back flayed, anatomical design of Jacques Gautier of Agoty (1746), dear to the surrealists and the contemporary art, it is especially an object of curiosity.

Romantic black

“See to learn”, that is the lesson of the Venus anatomical in wax, and natural hair of the collection’s carnival of Dr. Spitzner (1813-1894), which has such a nice …

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