The Moscow city court quashed the extension of the arrest a police officer opened fire on colleagues

the Moscow city court has transferred the materials concerning the Lieutenant of police Alexey Smirnov, accused of shooting his colleagues at the metro station “Ryazansky prospect”, for a new trial.

As reports TASS, it takes place in the Presnensky court of Moscow. The Moscow city court quashed the decision of a lower court about prolongation of term of detention Smirnov.

According to the lawyer of the defendant Michael Korchagina, the Moscow city court was considered the appeal complaint of protection to prolongation of arrest, which expires on July 15.

the Lawyer explained that the decision to transfer the materials for a new trial was made in connection with “violations of the rights Smirnova to protect when considering the materials for the arrest in the court of first instance”.

Recall that on 18 September 2019, the employee of Department of internal Affairs on the Moscow underground, which had previously been suspected of taking bribes, opened fire on colleagues. He killed one person, wounded a second.

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