The Moscow Prosecutor has asked to transfer the case against Ephraim in GSU GU MVD of Russia

Criminal proceedings against actor Mikhail Yefremov can be transferred in GSU GU MVD of Russia in Moscow. This was reported on the website of the Moscow Prosecutor’s office.

“the Prosecutor of Moscow Denis Popov has demanded that the Metropolitan police Department to transfer a criminal case in GSU GU MVD of Russia in Moscow, to ensure statutory deadlines to perform all the necessary investigative and procedural actions aimed at the completion of the preliminary investigation”, — stated in the message.

Popov put the investigation under his personal control.

June 8, the house 3, Smolenskaya square, actor Mikhail Yefremov in his jeep crossed the double line and crashed into a Lada car. The actor himself was unharmed and the other driver were hospitalized. However, the man died in a medical facility.

Examination showed that the actor was drunk. He is charged under paragraph “a” of part 4 of article 264 of the criminal code (“Violation of a person administering car, traffic regulations or operation of vehicles, entailed on imprudence death of the person, if the person was intoxicated”). Mikhail Efremov will be under house arrest until August 9.

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