Notice to fans of the man-spider. Amazing Fantasy #15, comics published in 1962, is up for auction on the web. A number became mythical, which revealed for the first time, Spider-Man, the superhero with the powers of a spider, the eyes of the world.

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For this reason, the comic strip created by the late Stan Lee and Jack Kirby, is extremely popular by lovers of the genre. Amazing Fantasy #15 is one of the top 3 works the most sought-after category and will be auctioned on the site for sale Catawiki from 2 to 11 August. During a previous upgrade prices, the holy Grail had been awarded $ 500,000.

A paltry sum when compared to what that paid a collector in 2011 for a copy in virtually perfect condition of this same edition: $ 1.5 million.

● Sale of a copy of Amazing Fantasy 15 to 34.000 dollars in 1993

An auction promising

“Children, we have set aside for us to offer comics, but few of us could imagine at that time that they could one day become collectors ‘ items sought after that may sell millions. This is an auction of the most exclusive of american comics and we are delighted to present the first appearance of Spider-Man in Amazing Fantasy #15 “, says Patrick Vranken, director of sales and expert comic at Catawiki.

“there are several reasons why this comic is so popular. Usually when it comes from a comic strip popular, the more the number of the magazine is lower, the better it is. Also, when it comes to the first appearance or the story of the origins of a character from the comic, that can really make him of any value. Considered as one of the peaks in terms of comic book for any collector, we expect that this classic illuminates what looks to be a great auction, ” he says.

once again, this edition of the adventures of “Spidey” is expected to snatch gold price.