The singer Renaud is again in mourning. A few days after the death of his brother Thierry Séchan, the artist also faces the loss of his mother, Solange Séchan. The notice of death, published on Saturday in the book of The day of the Figaro , indicates that she died on 25 January in his 97th year.

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“The funeral will take place in the family privacy”, is stipulated in the notice accompanied by the words of the poet, Albert Cohen in The Book of my mother : “to Weep his mother, is mourning her childhood. I was a child, I am not any more. And I can’t believe it”.

The notice of death published in Le Figaro Saturday, February 2, 2019. Figaro

Solange Séchan, born Mériaux, was the second wife of Olivier Séchan, the father of Renaud. In his autobiography, Like a child lost ,released in 2016, the artist tells of having discovered the existence, at the age of 12 years, of the first marriage and this woman, killed by mistake in his house in Normandy during a bombardment in the aftermath of the allied landings. He also learns of the existence of Nicolas, a half-brother, who died at the same time as his mother.

“I was born in a happy family”, he emphasized, also in this book. “My mother, Solange, was entirely devoted to the tasks of the home, ensuring that we did not need anything and to protect her husband from our rowdiness”. In this autobiography, the interpreter of Walk the shadow remembers a mother, “mending our pants”, listening to Charles Trénet and Tino Rossi. Renaud thought to have derived from “the taste of the commitment, the need for solidarity and anger against all our selfishness” of this woman who was speaking with enthusiasm of the solidarity among the workers, the great strikes, struggles and achievements.”

Renaud lives thus again the loss of a loved one after the death of his brother Thierry, blown away at 69 years the 9 January last, by a STROKE. The lyricist and writer. “Our family is devastated! Thierry was not only my elder brother, he was really the central core of our clan,” confided David Séchan in the magazine Here Paris . “With Renaud, we were all three very connected and, today, his death is the most painful trials.” He was buried on 16 January in the Montparnasse cemetery in Paris.

The next day, Renaud, 66-year-old was heavily fell in the stairs of his home in the Vaucluse. Suffering from many contusions and bruises on her face, he had also had both arms plastered.