The MP demands to stop the dismissal of workers of culture in the cultural capital

intention to conduct a reduction in cultural institutions of St. Petersburg has caused indignation of the Deputy of Legislative Assembly of Maxim Gum. In social networks, he has published a requirement to stop firing.

the MP has published a document that was sent out by the Committee on culture in the divisions. In the letter, the Agency requests in accordance with the request of the Governor until 17:00 on 24 July 2020 to provide “the proposals to cut 10% of staff numbers” organizations.

All “staffing measures” must be completed before 1 November.

“Mass layoffs are coming in the cultural institutions of St. Petersburg. Beglov instructed to cut every tenth state employees. There are no words. The Governor of the cultural capital reduces workers of cultural institutions. Require Beglov to cancel planned cuts in the cultural sphere!” — written by Resnick.

Recall Alexander Beglov urged to reduce the staff of the city administration, “we Need to save money,” he explained the decision.

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