The MP said the outrage

Deputy of the Petersburg Legislative Assembly Alexey Kovalev drew his colleagues ‘ attention to the behavior of the head of the temporary hospital at “Lenexpo” and the head physician of hospital of veterans of wars Maxim Kabanov. The MP accused him of negligence in relation to the safety of their employees and committing “strange” purchases of PPE from suspicious firms are more than 1 billion rubles.

“the conduct of Mr. Kabanov is possible to find the offense. Almost a month has passed since I sent an appeal to the city Prosecutor with a request to review the activities of medical institutions in St. Petersburg, which led to massive contamination of physicians. One of such people, causing an unprecedented number of infections among doctors, is Maksim Kabanov. So he still has the audacity to refer to the bodies of criminal prosecution, trying to punish “fake news” of municipal deputies who criticize him!” — outraged the MP.

Earlier it became known that Maxim Kabanov has asked prosecutors to check the posts of the head of the Harbour Minobrazovanija Nellie Vavilina on the subject of fake news. Vavilina has repeatedly attracted public attention to the lack of PPE in the Hospital of veterans of wars and problems in “Lenexpo”, where recently the ceiling collapsed.

“And now we all know that the wild Boar made a strange purchase — bought the firm that was chosen without a tender, personal protective equipment of 1 billion rubles, while he had the opportunity to buy them from Chinese producers over 600 million rubles. It is known that the contractor was the Moscow OOO “red star” — a company of Anton the User. In the past this is the backing vocalist and concert Manager of rapper Alexander Zhvakina (Loc-Dog). That is, the wild Boars took advantage of coronariana with the purpose of enriching Mr Zhvakina? I think we should consider a question on excitation of criminal case. What is this mess? It breaks further and further, that Mr. Boar, who his roof?” asked Alexei Kovalev.

a Detailed investigation into the procurement of PPE a Hospital for war veterans published “Novaya Gazeta”.

Earlier, the “Rosbalt” wrote that Maksim Kabanov called flooded shower rooms in the temporary hospital at “Lenexpo” and struck the ceiling of the “work detail”.

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