The MP said what will happen in the night during multi-day voting in elections in Russia

the state Duma has approved a bill providing for multi-day voting in elections in Russia. The Deputy of Legislative Assembly of Petersburg Boris Vishnevsky believes that the way the Russians are stealing in their power.

the MP believes that the initiative will lead to fraud.

“That thing when the voted ballots in the afternoon without any problems (and without observers) to replace the night. And at the same time to throw any number. As it was made during a “vote” for Putin’s amendments and fraudulent “reset”.
Well, no they have no other way to secure a desired result in the elections,” wrote Wisniewski in societh.

He also noted that, in accordance with the project of the decision about whether to apply a multi-day vote will be taken by the election Commission.

“the Ones who tampered with the election results. And they will decide whether to vote, as it was arranged during the “national voting” outside the polling stations: in the “local area” to “areas” and “other places”. Which also creates all the conditions for fraud,” — said the Deputy.

He believes that people are robbed in their power. “The analogy is simple: the law by which thieves will decide whether to ease conditions for theft. And we must understand that they steal from us. To steal the power that belongs to us”, — concluded the MP.

Earlier that multi-day voting creates conditions for electoral fraud, said politicians, lawyers and human rights activists. The bill was criticized even by members of territorial election commissions. Online activists have started collecting signatures against changing the electoral law.

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