The MP told how the head of the hospital in

the Chief of a temporary hospital in “Lenexpo” Maxim Kabanov has responded to a collapsed ceiling in the treatment room with the words “nothing serious happened”. “30 may, Saturday, 10 days ago, disrupted the integrity of the ceiling. What the media show in the photo, it probably looks scary, but it “astronomski” ceiling, lightweight construction, and he fell not where the patients,” he said, “the St. Petersburg diary”.

According to him, in the doctor’s lounge in the red zone disrupted the integrity of the structure, which was fixed within an hour and a half.

“Why did this happen? The builders will say. But in General, it is working fines, which no one even said,” Kabanov said.

Current bathrooms and showers head “Lenexpo” also called “a working situation”.

“Water does not go into the drain. We clean and, most likely, will find a way by the installation of bilge pumps so that water does not accumulate” — promised the Boars.

Recall, the footage of the collapsed ceiling at “Lenexpo” and flooded showers published by the head of the municipal formation of the Harbour Nellie Vavilina. His vision of the situation she shared with the correspondent “of Rosbalt”.

“as for the crazy the fall of the ceiling — the wild Boar says it occurred on may 30, but in fact it happened on June 2, telling me the workers “Lenexpo”. At 2am there was a roar, all the doctors and nurses came running, thinking that this is happening in the great hall. But there was still calm, and the ceiling caved only found the second shift, going to the infirmary,” he told Vavilina.

Replied Nellie Vavilina and claims Maxim Kabanova, who asked prosecutors to investigate her posts on the fact the subject of fake news.

“Now I’m Maxim Y. promisecamping only in the legal field — once I began to highlight the shortage of PPE in the Hospital for veterans of wars, which he manages. I actively complained to the doctors, the volunteers, by the way, offered a hospital mask and gloves while wild Boars are refused. When he was appointed to lead the “Lenexpo” I wrote letters and Vice-Governor Oleg Ergashev, head of cosgrave Dmitry Lisovets, that he didn’t trust the temporary hospital he their doctors of infection could not protect. Maybe because he was a confidant of Putin’s election, he has a feeling of permissiveness and impunity?” asked Nellie Vavilina, adding that any problem for many people is “working detail”.

Nellie Vavilina said that after her criticism of “Lenexpo” in the first weeks of its work and lighting situation in the media environment there has improved considerably. There were rooms of ultrasound and CT in the coolers of water appeared, and the elderly were separated in the private sector, where they are volunteers.

“But there are problems — only two medics on shift, it’s very hard. Now in the “Lenexpo” are 564 “easy” patients,” concluded Nellie Vavilina.

Recall, the exhibition complex “Lenexpo” was converted into a hospital for patients with mild COVID-19 in early may. In terms of content repeatedly received complaints.

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