Among the stolen items include weapons, all neutralized, models of soldiers wearing different uniforms, including that of a parachutist with the English who had landed in the sector, gas masks, helmets and kepis, medals, a jewish star and many documents of the time. In total, hundreds of items belonging to the resistance museum in Saint-Gervais-d’auvergne (Puy-de-Dome) have been stolen in the night from Monday to Tuesday. The thieves have not broken any window and even left the fund.

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“It is unthinkable such an action. It’s like vandalize a monument to the dead. There is more respect,” said Robert Picandet, secretary of the association of former resistance fighters and friends of the area 13. The museum, which was hosting a thousand visitors per year including school, traces the life of the maquis of the area 13, in which the resistance fighters had had such a mission of “to dam in 1944 the German troops from reaching the Normandy, to ensure the success of the Allied Landings”.

The association, which manages the museum has filed a complaint to the gendarmerie of Saint-Gervais d’auvergne. Google 2013 A historical value and sentimental

The break-in was found Tuesday morning at the opening of the joint Union for the development and the development of the Combrailles (SMAD), which hosts the museum. A couple of visitors had just visited the site to discover its collection. “Everything suggests that we are dealing with specialists. The windows have not been broken and they left a small fund with money inside. They knew very well what they were looking for,” said Mr. Picandet.

If the market value of the stolen objects is not known, it was mostly “sentimental” for the volunteers of the museum, which had just celebrated its 20 years of existence. “All these objects we have been entrusted by the strong to perpetuate the duty of memory. Each of them had a history and you could tell it to the visitors. But today, he has nothing more to say,” says this youngest of the Resistance.

The association has filed a complaint to the gendarmerie of Saint-Gervais-d’auvergne. Investigators have collected in the day of the fingerprints at the scene of the burglary.