In Ad Astra , James Gray explored the relations father-son in a space odyssey almost psychoanalytic. In The name of the earth, Edouard Bergeon also deals with the relations subsidiaries, but in the open countryside on agricultural land. At the end of the years 1970, Pierre Jarjeau, 25 years old (Guillaume Canet), returning to Wyoming, took over the management of the family farm with his wife (Veerle Baetens). From the beginning, James, his paternal rough and rigid (Rufus), disapproved of its methods. But Peter is going to have to make choices to survive.

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The director poitevin Edward Bergeon has shot his first fiction feature film to his documentary film ( Sons of the soil , 2012), in which he was already a farmer, whose path chaotic reminded him of his father. Debt-ridden, Stone loses his footing and discouraged, went away little by little from his family. Commander relentless, Jacques takes great care to help him. “I’ve never asked for anything, to me thou hast never given anything!”, screams Peter as hopeless. Involved 200 %, and Guillaume Canet aging for the needs of the plot was shaved to the skull, in order to be as credible as possible. After the surprise effect past the beginning of the film, he is. At his side, Veerle Baetens, in the pouring of which the subsidies to feed the family, as needed. “Their” children, Yona Kervern and Anthony Bajon (interpretation award at the Festival of Angoulême), are in tune. In digging the groove of the intimate, Edouard Bergeon said all of the ill-being of the farmers.

The name of the earth, drama of Edward Bergeon, with Guillaume Canet, Veerle Baetens, Anthony Bajon,Yona Kervern… 1h43