“There will obviously be several meetings,” said Mr. Véran on franceinfo.

“The great framework, the great principles, is to share the diagnoses at the scale of the Nation on the major issues, in particular the priority issues for the President of the Republic and for Élisabeth Borne the Prime Minister, the health , the education site, the site of the loss of autonomy”, said the minister.

Regarding its composition, the CNR “will associate the leaders of political parties, the leaders of parliamentary groups, representatives of associations of elected representatives of the territories, representatives of intermediary bodies, unions in partnership with the Economic, Social and Environmental Council “.

“It is neither a prerequisite nor a substitute for Parliament”, he also assured, adding that the CNR “will work by bringing together experts, by hearing, by sharing guidelines, it is not a structure which will vote texts, it is a structure which will make it possible to produce data”.

“I don’t understand the empty chair policy in this area and I’m sure it’s something that can be corrected,” replied Mr. Véran about the announced refusal of the LR groups in the Senate and the Assembly. national to participate in the CNR. Marine Le Pen for the RN does not intend to participate either.

“It’s a bad idea. It’s part of Macron’s gadgets to circumvent and weaken Parliament”, warned Sunday the president of senators LR Bruno Retailleau.

The CNR is on the menu of a working meeting Thursday at Matignon of the government, around Prime Minister Elisabeth Borne, during which the political, financial and energy situations will also be discussed.

In his interview of July 14, the President of the Republic had confirmed that he wanted to launch his CNR “from the end of the summer” and thus use “all the instruments so that our democracy is a living democracy”.