Attilio Maggiulli presents to us, in his delightful Theatre of the Comédie italienne, which may be, in this place, his last show. It is a true reason to rush. The death of this small theatre, which all the Parisians were able to admire the magnificent façade in the rue de la Gaîté, is a clear loss for the capital and it was really hard to understand why the State and the City of Paris have not done everything to save him. Other concerns, without a doubt… It is better – isn’t it? – higher subsidies to those who are already subsidized!

In any case, for lovers of the theatre who are not familiar with the work if particular Attilio Maggiulli, who was the assistant of Giorgio Strehler, it’s a last opportunity not to be missed. Even if, as your servant, it is hardly sensitive to the Commedia dell’arte and that lack of money helping them, this is probably not the show, the most successful, it is necessary to at least have seen it once in his life.

With Maggiulli, the story told is of no great importance, and the canvas (because it is a canvas which is interpreted, more than one piece) of Goldoni’s mostly an excuse to put on the eyes with its aesthetic and flamboyant. It is vaguely referred to in the program, “a magic necklace that two sharks manage to sell it to a doctor exciter to supply to a ghostly princess of whom he is enamoured…”.

But what does it matter, really, what it says, because for years it was always a bit the feeling of witnessing the same room… which account, before all, here, this is the style of game, the beauty of the costumes and sets, the unit of force, the lightness, the mock humorous, the mood on the set. The five actors are very good. The two partners, of course, Hélène Lestrade and Jean-Jacques Pivert, the two young, first Maëlle Solomon and Valentina Vandelli ; but the true revelation, this is Vincent Morisse, who plays his incredible physical giant with a talent consumed.

The Necklace of the Princess. Theatre of the Comédie italienne, 17, rue de la Gaîté (Xiv). Tel .: 01 43 21 22 22. Hours : of the mar. the sam., at 20: 30. Places : 15 to 35 €. Term : 1: 20 pm.