The Network demanded the dismissal of Ombudsman for children-

Petition to impeach authorized under the RF President on the rights of the child Anna Kuznetsov appeared on the Network.

According to the author of the petition Kuznetsov uses his official position, not defending the rights of children and promoting the interests of the Church, which is a violation of the Constitution, since Russia is a secular state.

“She calls to ban the sale of drugs terminating the pregnancy and reduce funding for clinics that perform abortions. For such calls it is necessary to lustrated in any civilized country she would have slipped from this post immediately after this sabotage. The prohibition of abortion and drugs for abortion violate women’s rights, this will lead to an increase in illegal operations and mortality of women from unsafe abortion in the country will increase the number of street children”, — reads the petition. The text States that it is concerned about the development of the Church because her husband is the representative of the ROC.

At the same time, reminds the author, Russia is still not banned female circumcision, when little girls maimed by religious parents, however Kuznetsova in this respect is silent.

the Author reminds that human rights defenders sounded the alarm as soon as Kuznetsov had been appointed to the position. He believes that it is necessary not only to dismiss but also “to prosecute for inaction in terms of the prohibition of female circumcision and harmful religious propaganda in schools, as well as for appeals to violation of women’s rights to abortion.”

Recall, Kuznetsov was appointed the Ombudsman for children in 2016. Her husband is a priest of the Russian Orthodox Church (ROC), Alexei Kuznetsov. Recently, the family was born the seventh child.

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