The network demanded to put a pedophile from Tatarstan who raped her daughter

On the website there was a petition from the Russians, angered by the acquittal of the resident of Tatarstan, who is accused of raping a seventeen-month-old daughter.

the Authors have addressed a petition to the Supreme court of the Russian Federation, calling to jail 27-year-old pedophile from the city of Bugulma.

it is Noted that this crime must not go unpunished, as the man is dangerous and for their loved ones, and society.

“the Judge acquitted the rapist that he “freaked out”. All the evidence and admission of guilt by the defendant talked about his guilt, but he is still on the loose. Demand justice. Required to put a pedophile,” reads the petition.

we will Remind, on the eve of a court in Tatarstan has justified the inhabitant of Bugulma, who was convicted of violent acts of a sexual nature against one and half year old daughter. The man confessed to the desire to “vent anger” on the child, but the court decided that his purpose was not to satisfy sexual needs.

the Child was hospitalized in October 2019 with bleeding genitals. The father claimed that the daughter caused the injuries, changing her diaper, but later confessed to the violence, justified by a quarrel with his wife.

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