The network has stated that

the network has another petition related to the results of the exam, this time it concerns exam on the Russian language.

according to the author of the petition posted on the website some of the graduates after scanning the forms is not recognized response to task 26, the latter in a text block. It is noted that this assignment can get up to 9 points, so graduates prefer not to miss. However, as stated in the petition, the participants of the exam “mass write” that on the form the result is a blank space, as written the answer is not recognized when scanning.

In the comments the author of the petition adds that the same problem exists with other jobs that do not appear after scanning. Information on the extent to which it is a massive problem in the text of the petition no.

earlier in the network have already been published petition calling to cancel the results of the exam in English language and chemistry because of the complexity of the tasks or their “inadequacy”.

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