The Network serves to introduce an additional tax on profits of oligarchs

On the website “Russian public initiative” (ROI) are collecting signatures on a petition, which the authors suggested to introduce an additional tax on profits of oligarchs. So, the authors note that in this case the state budget will receive additional money that could be spent on helping vulnerable populations, “those who really suffered during a period of heightened readiness.” They, in particular, I propose to introduce an additional tax on individuals who are citizens or residents of the Russian Federation and possessing a fortune of more than 100 million conventional units (dollars of the U.S. Federal reserve rate on 01.01.2020 years), the amount of the increase in the value of their assets in the period from January 1, 2020 August 1, 2020, in the amount of 50% of the total increase in the cost of all assets. “This measure will allow these citizens to fully exercise their duty to the state and its population”, — said the author. At the same time there was another petition, which proposes to repeal the income tax for citizens with citizens with an annual income below “a certain level”. “People who receive too little income accumulate irritation, giving every penny for vital things, and thus pay taxes in the same way as those who can afford a more comfortable life”, — stated in the petition. The author adds that such costs are considered these taxes citizens “as a missed opportunity”. The author proposes a number of measures that will allow, among other things, to reduce the “gray and black” the amount of wages (as citizens will be interested in the official registration to work), and retain the region’s economy, as local businesses will receive an increase effective demand by 15%, which in turn will pay more taxes to local budgets. “Plus the losses of the budget will be further supplemented the expense of slightly increased revenue from the income of wealthy citizens,” says the author. It offers in each region to determine the size of the minimum monthly costs of a citizen, that is the amount that a citizen spends in the region. This amount includes expenses for food for adequate nutrition, purchase of clothes, rent/mortgage housing, paid utilities, also is a medical expenses, transport costs for children. “Also, the minimum costs may include additional costs depending on the region and result in further analysis. All the money spent on these purchases, will go essentially to the local economy in socially meaningful and attractive to the public areas,” — said the author. In his opinion, the income of a citizen not to exceed these minimum costs, should not be subject to income tax. Income should be taxed as income in the part exceeding the minimum costs.