They call themselves the Florian Sempey, Cyrille Dubois, Sabine Devieilhe, Julie Fuchs, Marianne Crebassa, Lea Desandre, Elsa Dreisig, Jodie Devos and Julien Behr. Have between 25 and 35 years old. Cover almost all ranges, from bass to coloratura soprano. Are pure products of the seraglio operatic hexagonal, or have been trained in the army, abroad. But all have one thing in common, their taste proved to the French opera, where they excel the most often: great books romantic operetta. An interest that grows more and more often to the exhumation of titles forgotten. Or neglected for too long.

Julien Behr. Rudy Waks

the Latest examples: Elsa Dreisig, and Julien Behr. Ten years separate them. A few weeks apart, these two stars of the lyric song come yet to publish their first recital recording with the orchestra. The first one for Warner Classics. The second in Alpha. The two making the beautiful to the romantic opera French, between the tubes and …

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