After the writing workshops of Grégoire Delacourt, and Stephen keith j. watson, the next will start on Thursday 14 march, with Mohammed Aïssaoui, a writer and a journalist in Figaro littéraire . He is the author of the Case of The slave Furcy (Gallimard, and then Folio), the Renaudot literary Prize of the trial, Prix RFO du livre, Prix du roman history. The text has been adapted for the stage. He also wrote The yellow Star and the Crescent , Small praise memories and The Taste of Algiers , and dramas radio to France Inter, which Madame Bovary to the court, the trial Flaubert .

Mohammed Aïssaoui has put in place The writing Workshops of the Figaro littéraire. It has for the past eight years, in bookstores and businesses. How much are we wanting to write and to “block” on a chapter or in the middle of the ford? To begin and not finish? To have the “ends” of texts, ideas, desires, but don’t know what to do with it? It is precisely the first purpose of these writing workshops. Getting to “unlock” this kind of situation, but also to demystify the writing – this is very important. Each person carries a book in itself, and there are techniques to bring it out of itself.

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writing Techniques and tricks of the trade

We will explore different avenues of writing, and we will go, for the participants who wish, at the meeting of each text. All areas will be reviewed: narrative, novel, autobiography, biography, testimonials… The workshop proposes to accompany each one in his own handwriting and in his personal project.

through many years, but also work at home, you will learn how to recognize the singularity of his style, his personal touch. The reworking of the texts, as writing, it is also a rewrite. Knowing how to carry out a narrative, and the discipline to keep it in function of its goals are major goals. We will build on writing techniques and the “tricks” of the trade, because writing is also a technique, even if it is obviously not a technique. With examples of questions that the author asks: when is the replay? When to rewrite? On what materials to work with, the real, the imaginary, how do you link the two?

A writer or an editor will come during one of these six sessions so that the participants could ask questions that wish. At the end of the course, the participant should leave with a confidence and a discipline that allows him / her to go to the end of his project, that he wants to write for himself or herself or to be published.

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The workshop will be held in the premises of le Figaro, 14 boulevard Haussmann, 75009 Paris.

Details of the sessions: Thursdays 14, 21 and 28 march and Thursday 4, 11 and 18 April 2019.

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