A cat that has a cat in the throat, of the children at the controls of a combat robot and a film of Kung-Fu with Bruce, the lookalike French Bruce Lee. Nanarland has scrapped its fund-of-drawers to make the programming of the evening’s absurd provided in the sumptuous great room of the Grand Rex, on 21 September.

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“We realized that people like this is amazing, tells the Figaro Régis Brochier, the director of Nanarland. Last year we spent Ninja III , a film completely crazy, but the spectators have almost found it too mainstream , too, well mounted and filmed”. Nanarland, a website created 18 years ago, lists more than 800 films, classified by genre, with columns, stories, and even interviews with actors or directors of nanars. “All of us, we had to see more than 1000 nanars,” says Régis Brochier. And they have reserved their favourites for the great room of the Grand Rex.

For the best of the worst,”

These nights, extravagant, born there about ten years, held previously at the cinémathèque française, based on an idea of Jean-François his writings, the programming director of the organization preserving the film heritage. Even though the event is now hosted by the Grand Rex, Jean-François his writings is still part of the team and will lead the party. For this evening, “the stars of the archeology of film and new technologies are aligned in a manner quite miraculous, for better, for worse, and for the best of the worst”, announced the organizers on their website.

The new technologies will be in part because the first film of the programming date of the year… 2018. Twisted Pair mixture of “really special” to sequences, intimate wasted – or rather increased? – by acting completely ridiculous.

For the second film, the team Nanarland has not skimped on the means, as it was in version 4K copy-35 mm of a cartoon to be scanned in Hong Kong. He did no less for the Adventurers of The school system , this “drawing poorly animated or non-animated, kind of a big GIF in garish colours with a soundtrack”, as described by these hunters horror film.

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The third work of the evening has its share of special effects, aberrant, and false connections obvious. Sensitive souls, beware: the characters of the Clandestine are killed, each in turn, by a terrible cat. Or rather a glove in the shape of a cat. Special Mention to the sound engineer, “kind of sound crazy monomaniac” who had to fall asleep on the button “repeat” the sound of mewing of the cat.

Those who have not yet become blind will finally be able to relax in front of the delightful Bruce counter-attack. In this French film, Bruce tries desperately to find the daughter of an important Italian politician kidnapped by the Chinese. This tribute missed to the martial arts films borrows deliberately to the world of Bruce Lee (to use the music of Operation of the Dragon ).

in Order to take the shot when watching these four masterpieces nanardesques, the organizers have provided trailers and excerpts from their nanars favorite games with gifts. One wonders if one really wants to win…

The Night Nanarland 4 , September 21, at the Grand Rex, 20 euros.