The night of Ivan Kupala: how to get rid of problems and to capture the richness

the Holiday of Ivan Kupala is celebrated on 7 July (old calendar, June 24). It has long been believed that the night before the holiday is special — in this time, you can find the treasure and learn the fate and compel fortune.

the Festival originated in pre-Christian times, thanks to the Eastern Slavs worshiped various deities, believed in the power of nature. One of the most important deities was their Sun God Yarilo. The old name of the holiday is unknown, in Russia it was called differently: the day of Ivan-Kupalo, Yarilo, Yarilin day, Ivan the herbalist, the Celebration of the summer solstice, and so on. The name of Ivan Kupala is the Slavic version of the name John the Baptist.

Despite the fact that the festival recognized as national Christian Church does not recognize it, and notes 7 July, the Nativity of John the Baptist. Clerics condemn bonfires and jumping through them, as well as other rituals and customs associated with Ivanov in the afternoon.

meanwhile, the people there were the two traditions to be observed on this day, the rite of ablution in the river and jumping through the fire. People believed that they get rid of damage from diseases, cast out evil spirits.

the night before Kupala decided to destroy the unwanted old stuff — it symbolizes getting rid of old problems. In Russia women have burned the clothes of sick children, thereby hoping that will burn and the sickness and come the recovery.

in addition, there is a ritual to attract abundance — this on the eve of Kupala need to get water in a glass container and put it in a couple of coins of great dignity. It is necessary to leave them overnight and in the morning to get it and hide for a year. Water from the tank, “charged” with the energy of money, you need a little bit every day to rinse hands or watering her flowers in the house.

people used to Believe in the power of fire — on the night of July 7 we need to light a candle and whisper to the flame of desire that must be fulfilled.

in the evening unmarried women wondered at her spouse on the plantain, placing it under the pillow: in the morning one would remember who had a dream — he is a groom-to-be.

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