Alongside Commissioner Stéphane Lapeyre, eight other defendants will be tried, including another police officer, also dismissed since April 2021 for complicity in drug trafficking, according to this source.

Mr. Lapeyre “is accused of having set up an importation of cocaine to make money, with the help of his subordinate and several informants”, when he was still head of the operational division of OCRTIS (Central Office for repression of illicit drug trafficking), writes Liberation.

Contacted by AFP, his lawyer Me Thibault de Montbrial has not responded for the moment. The lawyer for the other police officer, Me Anne-Laure Compoint, indicated that she did not wish to comment.

According to Liberation, the case began in 2013 with “a banal investigation into drug trafficking”, during which the police will wiretap a man “suspected of importing cocaine from Guyana by sending the goods to the cargo from Orly airport”.

Questioned, he evokes the role of a man in “securing customs clearance”. The investigators will then discover that this man is an informant of the Office of narcotics which has for agents treating Mr. Lapeyre and his subordinate.

The cocaine arrived in France “thanks to the narcotics police who requested customs as part of a controlled delivery”, a police technique which consists in letting drugs pass at the borders to better dismantle the resale networks, details the daily. Problem, it was not mentioned anywhere in the procedure.

This case echoes the investigation targeting the former boss of the anti-narcotics office François Thierry, who is indicted for complicity in drug trafficking.

This file, concerning in particular the controversial links between police and “indics”, shook the anti-drug system and led to the replacement of Ocrtis (Central office for the repression of illicit drug trafficking) by Ofast (Anti-drug office). narcotics) in 2019.