The number of cases of coronavirus in the world exceeded 18 million

In the world of coronavirus infected more than 18 million people, according to the American Johns Hopkins University, citing data from the authorities, the media and other public sources.

In the United States was more than 4.6 million cases of infection, second place (2.7 million) is Brazil, the third by India (1.7 million). Russia, on the basis of official data oberstab, ranked fourth (about 850 thousand cases). Closes the top five South Africa With 511 thousand cases.

the Number of deaths in the world has reached 687,9 thousand Here also “lead” US (154,8 million) and Brazil (94 thousand). They are followed by Mexico (47 million), UK (46 thousand) and India (37 million).

In Russia, according to the headquarters, since the beginning of the pandemic was 14128 deaths from COVID-19.