Over one year, the fall in category A is 15.1%. Including reduced activity (categories B and C of Pôle Emploi), the number of job seekers fell by 1.7% in the second quarter (-8.9% over one year) and stood at 5,436 million, according to the Statistics Department of the Ministry of Labor (Dares).

“The number of job seekers continues to decrease!”, Immediately welcomed the Minister of Labor Olivier Dussopt, noting on Twitter that the number of registrants in category A, B and C “drops significantly”.

In the second quarter, the number of job seekers in category B (less than 78 hours of work in the month) fell by 3.7% (-27,700) after having increased by 2.2% in the previous quarter and that in category C (over 79 hours) by -2.7% (-41,900).

In category A, for metropolitan France alone, the number of job seekers was stable in the second quarter for those under 25 (-22.8% over one year) and fell for those aged 25-49 (-0, 4%) and those aged 50 and over (-1.2%).

On the long-term unemployment front, the number of jobseekers registered for a year or more fell by 3.9% in the second quarter (-14.9% over one year) to 2.57 million (categories A, B etc). The share of job seekers registered for a year or more reached 47.3% (-3.3 points over one year).

The latest quarterly results published at the end of April had shown a sharp drop of 5% in category A, or 170,000 less registrants, after a drop of the same order in the previous quarter (-5.7%). For ABC, the decline was 2.7% to 5.533 million.

The second quarter figures confirm other favorable indicators published recently.

The number of declarations of hiring for more than a month (excluding temporary workers) notably increased by 3.6% in the second quarter, after a slight drop in the previous quarter (-0.6%), indicated Urssaf the last week.