The number of victims of coronavirus in the world closer to 490 thousand

On the planet, there are already 9 million 586 thousand 769 infected with a coronavirus. This is the experts at Johns Hopkins University (USA). During the day, was confirmed by 178 thousand 112 diagnoses.

the Number of deaths is equal to 488 thousand 824, the report says. 24 hours died 6640 patients.

the United States is in first place in the world in the incidence. There were 2 million 134 thousand 421 the case of infection and 124 thousand 402 fatal.

According to CNN, the new “epicenter” of coronavirus in the United States can be located in Texas Houston, the city was again quarantined. Dean the doctor of the National school of Tropical medicine, Peter Hotez not ruled out in the region, “the apocalyptic” number of patients.

He predicted a fourfold increase in the incidence of the city’s 4th of July — independence Day of USA. Fast growing cases are reported in other cities in the state: Dallas, San Antonio and Austin.

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