The number of victims of coronavirus in the world exceeded 334 thousand in Brazil — 1200 per day

For the last day in the world died 4749 patients with coronavirus, according to the Johns Hopkins University, citing the official reports of the different countries.

In total have already been confirmed 334674 death, and 5196997 infections (104220 per day). Recovered 2084140 people, including 57155 — in the last 24 hours.

According to both indicators — mortality and number of cases — still in the lead of the United States (94702 fatal and more than 1.5 million cases), in second place, Britain (36 million and 252 million, respectively).

the centre of the pandemic has shifted to countries in Latin America. In Brazil recorded 1188 deaths per day, the total number of victims has risen to 20 047. It infected more than 310 thousand people, according to this indicator the country ranks third in the world.

the Number of victims of the virus in Mexico has increased during the day on 420 and reached 6510, the overall number of detected threats — 59 567.

Earlier, the head of the world health organization Tedros of Ghebreyesus, said that the new coronavirus began to spread rapidly in poorer States on the background of how the more affluent come out of quarantine. The who also warned about the threat of the second wave of the pandemic in the event of a hasty easing of restrictive measures.

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