The nurse dismissed from a hospital in

a Nurse Alexander Marchenko, who was fired from the temporary hospital at Lenexpo, has filed a lawsuit in court. According to “Dr. Peter”, the girl demands to recognize the illegal dismissal and to recover compensation for moral damage.

Lawyer Alexander Novikov, representing the interests Marchenko, believes that the formulation, which fired the nurse is incorrect.

“the Lawsuit against the Hospital for war veterans filed in the Nevsky district court. Alexandra was concluded fixed-term employment contract without a date of expiration. The labor code allows such contracts, however, the event which, in the opinion of the hospital, her contract must be terminated, dubious from a legal point of view. The phrase “the trend toward normalization of the epidemiological situation” legally doesn’t sound like a completed event or fact very blurry and abstract. This wording creates the possibility of arbitrary dismissal of workers that labor laws are not allowed”, — he noted.

the agreement with Alexandra Marchenko hospital was terminated in June. Shortly before an employee told me about the problems with payments to doctors for working with patients with СОVID-19.

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