The nutritionist explained from what save peaches and apricots

in the Summer the shops are full of peaches and apricots. Someone be sure to include these fruits in your diet, while others refrain, the correspondent of “Rosbalt” explained the St. Petersburg dietitian Inna Kononenko.

“the Calorie content of peaches and apricots is about 45 calories per 100 grams, so if you have them in the amount of 300 grams a day, weight gain is not threatened. However, if a person is already overweight, diabetes or elevated the acidity of the stomach is to use them not worth it. The same applies to people with exacerbation of gastrointestinal diseases, pancreatitis and gastritis, even in remission peaches and apricots you can eat them in minimal quantities,” says the nutritionist.

In the children’s diet peaches should enter very carefully, in one piece, if the child never ate. Caution is needed because this product is frequently allergic.

“And the peaches, and apricots a lot of antioxidants, the flavonoids, which help us to fight cancer, normalize blood pressure and to keep in tone the walls of blood vessels. Peaches is also a good source of magnesium and potassium. They are especially useful for those who suffer from leg cramps. Convulsions — a striking symptom of magnesium deficiency and potassium. And magnesium helps fight stress and positively affects insulin production”, — said Inna Kononenko.

in addition, peaches contain betacaroten, vitamin a, carotenoids and lutein, which improve eye health and protect the retina from free radicals.

“pregnant peaches in the presence of toxicity will remove nausea, remove excess fluid from the organism, fight against constipation. And apricots, and peaches are also a lot of boron, which helps the calcium to be integrated into the composition of bones. However, you need to be careful with green apricots — they may cause diarrhea”, — warns the doctor.

Men to maintain testosterone levels dietitian also advises to include in your diet peaches, as they have a lot of zinc.

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