The nutritionist explained how to choose healthy bread

the dietician Irina slime urged not to be afraid to eat the bread that supporters of a healthy lifestyle is considered one of the most harmful products.

Specialist in an interview with radio Sputnik said, what kind of bread is useful and how to choose. Nutritionist recommends buying products made from whole wheat flour.

In her words, “find products where whole grain flour comes first in the composition, almost unreal”. “Even where written fitness bread or healthy bread, all white flour. Flour should not be afraid. But choose, still stands whole wheat,” added the nutritionist.

the Expert also dispelled the myth about the dangers of foods containing gluten. “I think there will be a fashion and on a gluten-free diet. The wider and more varied your diet, the more there will be types of flour, baking options and assortments of dishes, the body will be better”, — concluded the slime.

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