The nutritionist explained why the fruit is more harmful chips

Chips that are considered to be harmful food, is not as dangerous as people think. This was told in an interview to “Companion” a specialist in nutrition and weight loss, nutritionist Ivan Alimenko.

He believes that it should be dealt with. “Who is harmful chips? They are harmful for people with hypertension because they are salt. They are harmful to people with atherosclerosis because they contain cholesterol. They are harmful to people with obesity, because they contain a lot of calories. But you need to understand that many of the products of conditionally useful harmful to people with these diseases. Here’s a fine line that it never expose. People will not buy a small bag of chips, and to go out and pick fruits and even more fat, because the fructose is all in the stomach and forms the visceral fat,” said Alimenko.

In his opinion, the problem of damage of the chips not so much in themselves as in the quantities consumed. Nutritionist sure if it was limited to a small portion, about the harm and the question would be. And it’s not just about the chips. “I am for the promotion of small packages of conditionally harmful products,” said Alimenko.

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