The nutritionist said that in hot weather, when no appetite

dietitian Arina Smolov gave a number of nutrition tips in hot weather, when eating becomes for many in the real test.

In an interview with the newspaper “Evening Moscow” it urged to replace the thick and heavy meals with salad greens and meat. The doctor noted that even in the heat you need “to replenish proteins, carbohydrates, fats and other elements.”

In particular, according to her, the red meat in the summer can be replaced by fish or Turkey. Smolov recommends a Breakfast salad with greens, vegetables, eggs and chopped boiled meat, lunch dish with seafood or rice with shredded chicken.

In the afternoon a physician’s advice to eat berries and fruit, and for dinner — cottage cheese with berries or a mini-salad.

the Expert also believes it is important in the heat not to abuse caffeine, refreshing drinks and sweet carbonated waters, and to give preference to low fat yogurt or kefir.

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