The nutritionist told me what time it is best to eat fast food

dietitian Elena Solomatina told about “bad” nutrition and the problem of weight gain that depends on age, activity, and metabolism.

According to her, there are people in weight and shape which food fast food is not reflected in the nutrition fast food. In an interview with “Evening Moscow”, the expert explained that young people, as a rule, accelerated metabolism, and eaten a hamburger they have “failed all”.

“But if Auntie is after menopause with slow metabolism, chubby, spent the whole day in the office, sat down at the TV and ate a hamburger, that’s another story,” added the nutritionist.

the Doctor advises eating fast food in the morning, when the metabolic processes in the body happen faster — so more chances that during the day the body will burn it.

In the case of eating a conventional hamburger night, calories definitely will settle as people will not be able to spend it, concluded the expert.

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