The nutritionist warned dieters about the dangers of protein diets

Excess protein in the diet poses a health threat, warned the dietitian Helen Cullen. She explained that, although protein and is considered one of the most important elements of all slimming diet, only protein diet can not be considered useful.

In comments to RIA “Novosti” kalen told that I definitely need to drink a sufficient amount of fiber, carbohydrates and fats. If you only eat protein, impairs motility of the stomach, starts rotting and poisoning in the colon. These violations are associated with the oxidation of amino acids, which are formed by a protein in the body. Cullen added that for this reason, an excess of protein in the diet is bad for the liver and Central nervous system (CNS).

a Similar imbalance in the diet can lead to the development of gout and osteoporosis (bone fragility) to cause problems in the functioning of internal organs and the cardiovascular system.

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