“At a time when the government has just remade the fight against violence against women its great cause for the five-year term and when Olivia Grégoire, government spokesperson, encourages freedom of speech, it is inconceivable to keep the government a man accused of rape”, declared Mathilde Viot, one of the co-founders of this association who also tweeted “no quarter for the sexists Darmanin, Dupond-Moretti, Guerini”.

“We are not asking Elisabeth Borne to do a job as a judge, we are asking him to decide if Damien Abad is able to assume his duties. As it stands, we believe that he cannot fulfill his mission as minister. of Solidarity,” she told AFP.

The Observatory of sexist and sexual violence in politics, which transmitted the testimonies of Mr. Abad’s accusers to executives of LREM and LR, wants to be “the relay of the question of sexual violence in politics”.

Fiona Texeire, another founder alongside the elected Parisian EELV Alice Coffin, Madeline Da Silva and Hélène Goutany, describes a role of highlighting “articles which have not received an echo at the national level” and compilation “of what already existed in a public way to show what absolutely affects all political families and all levels of power”.

The Observatory pleads for the exclusion from politics of men accused of sexual and gender-based violence and also calls for the creation of a State structure that takes charge of this monitoring work.

“We are doing work that is not ours, which should be the role of the State. The High Authority for Transparency in Public Life does not have a role in controlling sexual violence, but should be able to control this question”, abounds Mathilde Viot.

For her part, Fiona Texeire fears that the association cannot “deal with this new visibility and manage the reception of a large quantity of testimonies”, while the founding members of the Observatory are not trained to support women. victims of sexual and gender-based violence.