The official exit poll: Two-thirds of St. Petersburg supported the amendment of the Constitution

In Petersburg at 14:00 for the amendments voted for 68.9% of the population, against 29.5 per cent. The data exit polls said at the briefing, leading expert-analyst of the Saint-Petersburg information and analytical center Emilia Chereshkevich.

Chereshkevich also noted that by this time it was polled 10 997 people, 1.6% of the ballots were spoiled.

In the Petersburg municipal electoral Committee announced that at 14:00 turnout was 62.7%.

Earlier, the “Rosbalt” wrote that supporters of the campaign “NO!” to conduct their exit polls near polling stations on the amendments to the Constitution. According to them, by 15:00 in St. Petersburg with a change in the fundamental law of the country does not agree 57.7% of the respondents.

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