The official said that

Minister of education of the Orenburg region Alexey Pakhomov described the removal of children from a large family in Dombarovsky district, “the only possible measure of the impact on parents”, who did not want to voluntarily transfer the guardianship of children.

“But, I want to emphasize again that, on the basis of what the situation has come to the end, including the parents of the children, removal was the only possible measure of the impact on parents in this situation,” — said Pakhomov in his video Orenburg, who, like other Russians, were deeply shocked by the brutal scene.

As reported, the incident occurred in the village of Tulip may 27 — family seized four children out of five. In social networks and spread the video, which shows how the police and the employee of bodies of guardianship the power to take the struggling mother of a small child whom she was holding, and then handcuff her. The older children were clearly frightened seriously ill stage.

In the RF IC stated that the children from the family were taken by the decision of the head of the Dombarovsky district “in connection with immediate risk of collapse of the ceiling covering in the home”. At the same time they promised to check the actions of each officer.

the police informed that the mother of the children was three times brought to administrative responsibility for default of duties on education of minors. And the use of force and handcuffs explained the woman’s resistance to the lawful actions of law enforcement officers.

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