The official

From the administration Toksovskoe urban settlement can dismiss the head of Department on public relations of Ilya Kravchenko, who was at the center of “garbage scandal”. Information to the correspondent of “Rosbalt” confirmed on 21 July in the Department.

“as long as the order has not been signed, but the statement about dismissal at own will written by him,” said the administration.

Recall that on 18 July the official had a conflict with visitors cafe in the New Devyatkino. They made the remark Kravchenko for thrown in the wrong place. He said that he was “the environment — riding-sick”, and at the end invited the interlocutors to call him king. Video call spread in social networks. Subsequently, the staff apologized, but his behavior is explained by the overexcitement and adrenalin on the background of the recent accident.

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